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  • Simoniz Compound Polish in Lahore

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    PKR 3,149
    PKR 2,550
  • ABRO Battery Terminal Cleaner - 142 gm in Karachi

    • Car Care
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Car detailing can facilitate you in keeping your ride in the best shape and condition. It may require some of your time and money; however, the struggle is completely worth it as the cars become new-like with car exterior and interior cleaning. You can carry out car detailing inside your garage or even go to some place where you can dedicate your energy in the task.

There are many aspects of car detailing and the rubbing compound is one of them. Car polishing compound is easy to use and anyone can apply it on their vehicles. You can revive the exterior shine of your car. One just has to rub the car compound consistently on the car paint to make sure that it gets the shine back. The rubbing compound can be used after car wax polish.

People often find it hard to find the best car compound online in Pakistan. Either the rates are very high or the quality of car compound products is low. PakWheels resolves this problem by offering a wide range of car polishing compound products on the auto parts store. This online website has a dedicated section for car care products and accessories.


People generally use car compound after polishing and waxing the exterior part of their car. The car polishing compound can actually give the vehicle shine and remove scratches from the surface of the car. It can convert the dull and worn out condition of car exterior into a shiny and smooth surface. Car compound is mostly applied by using fiber cloth which is either purchased with the product or in addition. The compounding should be done in a neat manner, without adding any additional mixture or chemical in the product.

You can carry out VIP detailing of your car with the help of simple tips. There are several car care items that you should look to buy in order to maintain the exterior components of your ride.

Here’s a list of some products in car detailing on PakWheels:

  • Scratch Remover Compound
  • Cut Compound
  • Rubbing Compound
  • Swirl Remover
  • Car Wax
  • Car Polish
  • Car Cleaning Accessories
  • Buffing Machine
  • Fiber Cloth


People often ask which is the best car compound to buy. Since it is an essential and must-have item, you should not compromise on a cheaper brand. You should always prefer buying a car compound belonging to a renowned local or international company. For instance, you can conduct compounding of your car by using products from popular brands like 3M Perfect-It, Meguiar’s Compound and Mothers Compound.

You can buy car polishing compounds from this list of brands that we offer:

  • Mothers
  • Meguiars
  • 7CF
  • ABRO
  • Astonish
  • Bullsone
  • Farecla
  • Getsun
  • Nano Protech
  • Scholl Concepts
  • Simoniz
  • Sonax
  • Tonyin
  • Turtle Wax
  • Wilita


The best car compounding items have been listed on PakWheels online auto parts store. You can get numerous discounts and offers on car compounds as we maintain the best collection of car care products in Pakistan. You can avail free shipping on a number of car cleaning accessories. There are multiple payment methods for customers all across the country. You just have to make sure that you maintain your ride with the best car compound polish.