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There’s no doubt that tyres and wheels enhance the performance of a car, bike and truck. High-performance tyres and alloy rims help vehicles withstand rough roads. In Pakistan, where roads are often not well-built and maintained, tyres are often subjected to wear and tear. Their lifespan is reduced to a few years due to such conditions. In this situation, one should look to change the car tyres from time to time in order to have the best performance from the vehicle.

The condition of tyres or alloy wheels is proportional to one’s safety. Performance, safety, and comfort are three key principles that you should consider while buying tyres or alloy rims for your cars.


There are multiple good names to consider when buying new car tyres and alloy wheels. From Dunlop to Bridgestone and from Hankook to General, PakWheels offers a huge assortment of tyre brands. We offer the world’s best quality tyres that are both procured from international and local brands. Goodyear tyres, Michelin, Yokohama, EverGreen, Winda, Luxxan and several other companies compete with one another to provide the best quality products.

PakWheels auto parts store emphasizes on tyres and spare parts. Once you buy tyres and accessories from us, you can consider getting Computerized Wheel Alignment from anywhere to have the best driving experience. Wheel balancing is as important as new tyres and this not only provides safety but also gives better performance.


Tyres and alloy wheels come in various conditions and qualities. First, there are original tyres which are directly imported from other countries. These genuine tyres can be from different companies from Yokohama, Dunlop, General, Bridgestone and others. Bridgestone tyres, General Tyres, Yokohama tyres and General tyres can be purchased at affordable prices from PakWheels.

We also offer original Michelin tyres and new and used Hankook tyres for the customers. Our website can be accessed for all sorts of discounts and offers on car tyres. Suzuki tyres, Toyota tyres and Honda tyres are all offered at discounted rates here.

When buying new tires, customers should invest smartly. They should not put more strain on the car’s performance and at the same time, should look to enhance the riding experience. In the case of old and used tires, it is important to check the manufacturing date of tires. To avoid fraud, buy from PakWheels where professional tire dealers have curated their offerings.


There’s no comprehensive marketplace for the car where offerings are made for all car makes and models. PakWheels feels pride in providing a platform to buyers and sellers for the sale and purchase of car tires and other auto parts and accessories.

We not only provide you quality tires and alloy rims for your car but also guide you regarding which tires to buy. If you’re looking Toyota car tires or alloy wheels, you may be interested in Yokohama tires which have safety and environmental features, apart from great road contact.

You will need an exact measurement of your tires before buying. The measurements, in terms of width, height-width ratio, wheel diameter, load index, and speed rating, are given somewhere on the sidewall of tires and alloy rims.

When shopping for Honda tires or alloy wheels, you may consider buying Mirage, Yokohama, Dunlop tires and Michelin tires. The case is a little different for Suzuki tires as they have smaller with lesser inches on them. Continental tires and Dunlop tires could give you the right performance and safety in Suzuki cars.