Will Prince Pearl REX7 give competition to United Bravo?

For decades, a low-tier automobile like Mehran was the epitome of a budget-friendly car in the budding middle class. However, with the recent resurgence in the automobile industry, Mehran’s age-old monopoly is now finally challenged by some new promising budget-oriented automobiles such as United Bravo and soon to be released Prince Pearl REX7.

Last year, the United Bravo created some ways in the automobile industry with its release as it provided pretty decent specs and a budget price however another budget car Prince Pearl REX7 is now to enter the Pakistani automobile industry.

United Bravo:

The 800cc hatchback at the time of its launch was meant to compete challenge Pak Suzuki’s

Mehran (that has remained a top-selling unit in the local industry for over two decades). United Bravo with a budget price tag came with additional features in comparison to its rivals, such as better safety and drive-assist.

The hatchback featured power steering, power windows, central locking, fog lights, rear-view camera, alloy wheels, and a touchscreen media panel on the console. All that at a decent price of Rs. 895,000, as announced by United at its Lahore event, last year. The aggressive price tag was meant to take Suzuki’s Mehran out of the equation.

Furthermore, the car was also expected to affect another popular Suzuki automobile Wagon R – another hatchback with a price starting at Rs. 1,114,000. However, the introduction of Price Pearl is about stir things a bit.

Prince Pearl

Perhaps the best competitor for United Bravo is the upcoming hatchback Price Pearl REX7. The car virtually has all of the same specs while having a slightly low-price tag, somewhere between 7-8 lakh compared to United Bravo’s Rs 895,000.

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The new entry-level car will be introduced in the first half of 2019 with the brand name Prince Pearl REX7. The car hasn’t been officially released but according to inside sources, Prince Pearl will come in two variant an automatic and manual version – with a top speed of around 120130km/h. The car is expected to fall within the 7-8 lac price range – a category Suzuki Mehran has been ruling for decades but now challenged by United Bravo.

The comparison between the two cars; Price Pearl and United Bravo is pretty tight, as is evident from the spec-sheet provided below, both of the automobiles virtually provide the same specifications.

As seen from the spec sheet, the two cars are pretty much neck at neck with Prince Pearl having the slight advantage of a better Price tag. However, this although small price difference can be a deciding factor for the user. Since both of these brands are new in the automobile segment, therefore they don’t have a niche market for their automobiles although United has developed some user-base thanks to its United motorbikes in Pakistan.  But that still doesn’t give United the edge since the automobile sector is currently vastly ruled by Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota, so any other automobile company other than these three is always at a strategic loss and for this very reason the playing field is pretty much even for both of these automobiles; United Bravo and Price Pearl REX7.

With both virtually offering the same bang for the buck, whichever company offers better pricing will ultimately win and for that reason, Prince Peal will indeed give United Bravo a tough competition.

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